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"Chloe's New Neighbour 4"

Full length movie 60 minutes playing time
Featuring Belle and Amy

Petite Asian Amy is knocking on doors in her neighbourhood looking for her housemate Chloe whom she has not seen for three days

As she works her way doen the her street she comes to Belle's house. Belle asks her and is very sympathetic
As Amy looks around she notices some little girl's clothes. She asks Belle if she has little ones. Belle says, of course. Would Amy like to see the nursery?

What Amy does not know is that her friend Chloe was there three days ago. Belle witnessed Chloe's regression and Belle has not let her leave. She is keeping Chloe regressed and in her house for life

When Amy looks in the nursery she is fascinated by the adult sized cot, high chair and diapers. Then she has a funny feeling and needs to pee. Belle directs her to the toilet but Amy cannot find it in time and pees her panties in the bathroom

Far from being upset, Belle consoles her and guides her back into the nursery where she lays her down and puts a diaper on her

Amy feels this is where she belongs and when Belle says she needs to be breast fed it feels quite nornal and she goes along with it.

Amy ends up staying in the cot overnight. Next day when she wakes she is in a soaking wet the diaper and Belles puts a fresh one on her.

Then for breakfast Belle spoon feeds her in the high chair. Both Amy and Belle realise she is here to stay and Belle being her full time carer is going to be permanent.
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